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Storage Power Plants

The share of renewable energies in the total installed capacity in German energy generation is steadily increasing. In particular, the electricity that is generated by wind turbines or solar systems is produced discontinuously and at a distance from the energy consumers. This means that network operators have to regulate electricity generation to ensure power grid stability and security of supply.

The measures taken by the network operators include among other things so-called re-dispatch measures, feed-in management, and adaptation measures (emergency measures), which are generally expensive and lead to the fact that not all of the power from renewable energies is supplied to consumers.

Against this background, large electricity storage units make a significant contribution to the transition to sustainable electricity production through network relief, reduction of grid security measures, and the necessary flexibility.

We, therefore, examine a wide variety of storage power plants and develop them in depth in concept studies, such as:

  • Compressed-air energy storage
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Battery storage power station
  • Storage in the form of chemical energy/electrolysis, hydrogen

Schematic representation of Compressed-air energy storage.

In this field of activity, we support our customers in all planning phases and concerns, from the first idea to implementation and commissioning.

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