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Mass balances

In thermodynamics, mass balances are essential. The masses of the substances that are brought into a system and those that flow out are compared. In this way it can be determined which substances and how much of a substance is in an aggregate or in a system. On the one hand, this process represents the foundation for almost all thermodynamical calculations and on the other hand, it also provides information as to whether a calculation that has been carried out is correct. Circular processes always result in a mass balance of zero. If this is not the case either the available data or the conducted calculations are incorrect.

Consequently, compiling correct mass balances is of enormous importance. We have the experience to compile mass balances for complex systems, comprised of many different in- and output streams with small or big quantities.

In this field of activity, we are happy to advise our customers and, with our many years of experience, prepare balance sheet calculations specially adapted to your project, especially for incineration calculations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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